Poncho hysteria.

A-ha! So this is why I’ve been getting dozens of idiotic tourists coming in the shop looking for knitted poncho patterns.


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  1. My 10 year old niece “REALLY” wants me to knit her one but I am taking forever on purpose. /hoping this phase will pass soon.

  2. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that thinks ponchos look dumb as…..

  3. Have you seen all of the sheer ones in the mall shops lately? Urgh!
    I remember when ponchos were in around 97, and I will admit to wearing a blue machine knit(non pointy style) mohair number around 2001-2, when they were more of a Granny item, but now I personally say no to ponchos(as well as Ughs), although like Amy, I may feel an occasional affection for an elegant lacy capelette.

  4. yes hating on the poncho. its like one big coverall. blwack!

  5. No no NO. Poncho = Bad. They’re everywhere right now. I saw a mink poncho at the Nordstroms in Annapolis Mall last month. They wanted $800 for it.

  6. Ponchos make Baby Jesus cry.

  7. capelette are an entirely different story.

  8. They’re all over London too.

  9. Oh please. The poncho is so 3 months ago, here in LA! The attitude is that people who are wearing them now are really OUT of the fashion scene. God, I gotta keep you better informed about these things! Fyi, argyle is (but pretty much now WAS) the next big thing. Oh, and little corduroy, velour or denim jackets (the tailored look) are also cute…but also going to be out in about 2 more seconds here. And light purple seems to be the new pink (which was the new black.) Maybe you can catch those wagons before they get to Oz!

  10. I think they can be cute; I’m halfway through knitting one now… It’s really just a big scarf (at least that’s my knitting for dummies pattern); no one’s hating the scarf fad.

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