A Month of Softies

A Month of Softies is a new group craft project started by loobylu. Basically, she provides a theme each month and everybody crafts something that uses it. At the end of the month, everybody sends her a picture of what they made. Neat, huh? The theme for November is “The Accessorized Elephant.” I’ve already got lots of ideas for it… but I probably won’t have any chance to make anything, since we leave for the States in, like, two weeks. ACK. (Link courtesy of Kirsty.)


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  1. I wonder if our partisan pumpkin carving counts? It’s still up in November, even if we carved it in October. It’s crafty, and does feature an accessorized elephant.

  2. Thanks, Amy, although I guess we should have been worried when the candle in the donkey kept blowing out. 🙁

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