DeskCam is offline…

That’s it for DeskCam for a few weeks, folks… I’m waving you all bye-bye!

Oh, and that’s my new wedding hair. I was going to keep growing it out but my friend Losh said that shorter hair makes me look younger. So short and flippy it is! It’s also a slightly darker and redder shade of brown, with really contrasty blonde streaks underneath.


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  1. Have a great trip (and wedding!) you guys!

  2. Love the hair!

    Happy wedding to you guys!

  3. Bon voyage and happy nuptials!

  4. Travel safe, enjoy your wedding, and I’ll see you next week!

  5. Have a great trip and a wonderful vegas wedding! We’ll be thinking about you.

  6. I love the hair too! Very…casual chic, i think is the best way to say it! Best wishes!

  7. travel safe! we will all go out for a drinky-poo when ya get back.

  8. Have a great trip and adventures!

    PC died for a week there so that’s why it’s been quiet on “The Ferret Front” .. so to speak 😉

  9. Merry wedding! Bet $50 on black for me!

  10. All the best Kris. Have a great time. I’ll see you when you get back and you are an Old Married Person.

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