Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Well, we made it. We had a minor debacle at Sydney Airport where the Snook and I somehow managed to lose a $100 hat I’d bought as a gift for my brother. He’d had it on his head when we went through security but somehow it had disappeared by the time we boarded the plane. Twelve annoyed hours later we landed and were able to contact the duty-free shop where we thought we lost it. Turns out they have it! They’re going to try to mail it out to us. So I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Other than that, the flight was pretty uneventful. We spent the day chilling at my sister’s apartment in LA and getting to know her fiancé Dan. They took us out for a big Mexican feast at some place called “Paco’s”. (Apparently it was where Jerry Maguire and Dorothy had their first date.) Now we’re just going to bed in preparation for our early flight to Vegas tomorrow. Oh, and I did hit one other snag: the new white underpants I bought specially to go with the wedding outfit still have the Kmart security tag on them! I’m afraid to pry it off for fear it’ll explode or something. So now I’ve got to find some place in Vegas to buy new underpants. (And don’t even bother suggesting I go “commando.” I’m getting married, people!)


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  1. please woman, you are going to VEGAS, you’ll have no problem finding undies.

    and don’t forget to post when you two are getting hitched. we really want to watch.

  2. Interesting parallel. I’m in Los Angeles too, and when I got home tonight, I realized I had left my sunglasses at a bar in Venice! I’d value the glasses at $100. Weird. Luckily Venice is closer than Sydney. Too bad you have to go to Vegas so soon. Be careful with your money there! Don’t gamble without a plan. Happy Weddings and Thanksgiving!

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