The Cabled Throw

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I finally gave the happy couple their wedding gift: the Sunday cable throw from Jo Sharp’s fourth book, Home. It took me well over a hundred hours to knit, and I used 36.5 balls of Jo Sharp 8-ply wool. I modified the pattern to make it a bit wider and added fringe to both ends to make it a little more “blanket-y”. It’s really pretty and warm. (Unbeknownst to me, it also perfectly matches the beige and red of their living room color scheme.) It’s about six feet long by four feet wide. Here’s a pic of my sister lounging under it along with a detail of the cabling up close:

Amy with her blanket     Detail of cabling


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  1. i look like i’m thinking craaaaaazy thoughts…

  2. Hey! You’re in my time zone, and soon you’ll be in my state (I live in the Reno area). Best of luck tomorrow on your nuptials! Can’t wait to read the details!

  3. I love that you finished it minutes before you packed it!
    (Amy is playing quite maniaclly at the moment with a jar ring and she’s scratching the mat and I am so proud! I feel terrible when I have to tell her off for scratching things as she misses you guys but it has to be done, alas. It’s so great how she plays by herself, but we were playing with the bunny on a wire last night and Amy was chucking speccas, to use the AFL term. It was great!)

  4. wow Kris, it looks amazing. Great job!

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