Hello all, Miss Helen here(you may have spotted me on couch cam as I am house and cat sitting )with a special guest entry, as I’m here with an update from Kris, who couldn’t make it to a net cafe, but rang to let me know that the wedding will be on at 4pm Vegas time on Saturday(which is tomorrow for you Americans, and yesterday for us Australians, but still tomorrow, even though it is yesterday. Phew!). Here’s a handy link that should work, to show you what time 4pm Saturday Vegas time is, wherever you are. The link to the webcast is over in the right column and you can of course view the wedding for up to a month afterwards. Don’t forget to throw confetti at your monitor when they’re done!


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  1. helen and clinton we’ve been watching you and you’re doing a wonderful job on the couchcam.

  2. let’s see, that would be 11am Sydney time. Cool. Thanks.
    (BTW, love those pink jammies, tee-hee)


  3. Hi Denise and Beth! Thansk! I’m glad you caught us!
    Amy: Thanks! My pink pyjamas have sheep on them!

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