It’s me!

We finally found an Internet cafe! Wedding in T minus three hours… I think we’re all set. License: check. Underpants: check. We’re good to go. Oh, and Helen forgot the link to convert the time for you; here you go. Don’t forget – 4:00 pm Vegas time! (That should be 11am Sunday in Sydney time, 7:00 pm Saturday in Indiana time.) Apparently to view the wedding live you just click on the “Live Wedding” link. If you miss it, the webcast will be viewable for a month. I believe you just have to enter “Rodd Snook” as the groom’s name. Okay, we’re off! My stomach is churning… 🙂


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  1. I’m so excited! I cant wait 20 more minutes!

  2. Can anyone see it? I got nuttin’…

  3. me either….hopefully it will be posted soon….

  4. nope…nothin!

  5. anybody getting this to work?

  6. Geez, you’d think a couple of IT nerds could sort this out….

  7. It’s probably on a Mac

  8. Yep, probably right

  9. a-ho: am i coming to your wedding, or what? we never got an invite. lemme know. 😉

  10. Where is she…

  11. I’m throwing the confetti now *****

  12. I’m throwing the confetti now *****

  13. so is this a bust?

  14. I am wondering the same thing. What is the deal already.

  15. Its on now!!

  16. IT’S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. IT’S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yeah! I thought we were going to have to wait forever! I am glad I got to see it.

  19. Yeah! I thought we were going to have to wait forever! I am glad I got to see it.

  20. Looks like it was moved to 5pm. If you put in “Rodd Snook” now, it gives two links – the first gives the first 15 seconds, the second isn’t working yet. Hopefully the full ceremony will come up soon. I missed the beginning.

  21. That was great – they looked like they had a good time!!

  22. This whole time, I couldn’t access it on Firefox. It was giving me an “error” message. So I had to get on a computer that had IE on it, and of course I missed it. Dammit. I’m going to try watching it here in a few hours. that really pisses me off.

  23. I just posted a few pics of us watching the ceremony

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