We are such dorks.

We just finally watched the wedding. We are such dorks!


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  1. Well all the kids in my senior class thought you were SO COOL. They all sang along with ‘The King’ and one of the girls squealed “Oh WOW! She popped in that kiss!” (apparently that was a reference to your little kick). They all want me to pass on best wishes, so to do all the staff. We all had great fun and one of the reasons for that was because you two certainly looked very very happy and the feelings reached all of us at school today. They even picked up on the ‘best friend’ bit and that led to a very interesting discussion!!

  2. Yeah, but you were cute dorks – and that’s what matters. =)

  3. elvis walks you down the aisle and sings to you, not once but twice – the coolest and cutest dorks in the world, i say!

  4. I keep forgetting to come here and congratulate you, but I finally got a chance to watch the wedding last night. It was great! Congratulations! You guys were so cute. I was thinking of you all afternoon on Saturday (mostly because I couldn’t figure out the time change, so I was going for ballpark). I’m glad it was so fun.

  5. Aww, I thought it was awesome! It made the hubby and I *really* wish we’d been dorky enough to have done the same. 😉

    The “best friend” thing got me, too. *sniffle* I think that’s what makes any relationship really, truly strong. Again, congrats you guys, and good luck in your lives together!

  6. I don’t think you looked like dorks! You were thoroughly enjoying your wedding and each other. Isn’t it sad that some people don’t get to enjoy it at all because of traditions and doing whatever others want them to do? I think you looked great and, again, congratulations!

  7. If you would have come out in some poofy dress that looked like it was from “The King and I”, I might buy into the dork thing, but you guys seems sooooo into the joy of it. It was perfect.

    BTW, I haven’t really had much background on the Snook but my GOD..he’s a total Hottie McHottwell. Sheesh. That accent alone. WOOT.

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