Me and Moire!

Me and MoireCheck it out everybody! I met yet another previously-known-only-via-the-Internet buddy tonight in the form of our very own Moire. (It’s always weird meeting people with blogs, because they never sound the way they do in my head. Moire, on the other hand, sounds exactly like the Hoosier I expected her to be.) She even brought us a wedding present! How nice is that? The Snook came along to listen to us chatter and have his first Applebee’s experience. All in all, a very successful meet-up.


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  1. mmmmm, Applebee’s…..what did you have for dessert?

  2. Ack! I look like death warmed over! I *definitely* need to get some sleep over the holiday! πŸ˜‰

    I had a lot of fun meeting you and the Snook last night. I, too, feel weird meeting internet-based friends for the first time (I’m a little on the shy and reserved side in Real Life) but you were both as nice and funny as I expected you to be, and I felt like I’d known you two for years. So I agree, successful meetup.

    Quote from the husband once I got home: “That settles it, then… We’re off to Sydney!” πŸ˜‰

  3. Amy: We were all of us very good on that front. No dessert! Though from what I heard, Kris’ family was plying her and the Snook with cheesecake before dinner. I almost caved and ordered that new brownie monstrosity Applebee’s is currently advertising. Mmm… Chocolate!

  4. Speaking of Moire, I really miss her blog!

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