Well, it’s over.

Me and SnookumsWell, it’s over.
In the end it was all bright smiles and happiness. I made a minor error coming down the aisle when I forgot to stop at the right place and continued on with the rest of the bridesmaids, but luckily the preacher (and half the guests) waved me back. (Fortunately, both Snookums and my uncle Ron – the official videographers – were aiming at the little flower girl and ring bearer behind me, so my mistake has already been expunged from posterity.) Everybody said I looked really pretty in my orange dress, even though my sparkly dyed shoes turned my toes red. The Snook, as always, looked pretty fly. He completely cemented his place in the family with a stunning karaoke rendition of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” during the reception. Afterwards we headed to the hotel for a little jacuzzi and Papa John’s action. *sigh* And now all this wedding crap is over, so hopefully we can all get back to more meaningful pursuits… (like the second season of The O.C.!)


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  1. ooh, I love the orange dress. You both look awesome.

  2. Lookin’ good! Glad all went well.

  3. Kris, you do look great in that dress! That colour is really you.

  4. You didn’t tell me you were getting Papa John’s! Just as well, I did my own karaoke on my way home. Much less traffic that time of night. 🙂 It was great seeing you both! And yes, the cookies are great.

  5. I love the orange dress too! What a nice color on you!

  6. i wasn’t done with the wedding stuff – can you find another one to go to while you’re home? …. I LOVE the orange dress. Normally I don’t like that color, but it looks gorgeous on you.

  7. Kris..you were beautiful in your dress…and you were nice to the princess. i just wanted to say too that i appreciate you teacing me to knit. we all miss you here.

  8. Thanks, guys! The dress is currently wadded up in my suitcase. I somehow managed to get two big splotches on it at the reception, but I spent so much on it that I should probably try to get it cleaned so I can consider wearing it again. Mom suggested I have it shortened (since it’s nearly floor length) and I could wear it as a “cocktail dress.” I’m like, “Yeah, for all those cocktail parties I go to.” But still, if y’all really think the color suits me… Maybe.

    Ooh, Jenny, I totally forgot to tell you that we got the LitterMaid! We picked up one for $100 at Petsmart in Mishawaka the other day. We’re flying it home and we fully expect it to Change. Our. Lives. Any tips?

  9. It’s louder than karaoke at a reception, so put it in a ‘quiet’ place. 🙂 And of course you must get the fast clumping litter – that is not an option. Other than that, it’s the cooooolest.

    Oh! And make sure you plug it in. If the batteries run out or it accidentally gets unplugged, Amy (like Tipsy) may express her displeasure by pooing on the floor. It seems Tipsy had gotten very used to the clean box, and when I went away for 2 days, it somehow got unplugged. The only time she has EVER poo-ed on the carpet, but that was enough to teach me. Now I spread the gospel so that others may learn from my mistakes. 🙂

  10. I had a great time with you guys and I miss you so very much. Love ya,
    your Aunt

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