We’re home.

We’re home. And while it was so awesome to see my family again, I’ve never been so happy to get back after a trip before. Almost three years to the day since I migrated here… and I guess it’s really finally home in my heart now. We’ve got lots of pictures and stories to tell, but for now I’ll be sleeping off my cold and my jet lag for the next 24 hours. Many thanks to Helen for watching the fort for us. (And as for the cat? We might as well have only been gone for an hour. Sheesh.)


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  1. Hey guys! gooos to have ya back. Your trip looked like heaps of fun. You didn’t miss much, except a heat wave….talk to ya soon

  2. damn, I can’t type…..

  3. I’m glad you guys got back safely. I watched the internet for ya while you were gone – believe me, nothing happened. Well, some soldiers took some naughty pics…. but other than that, nothing. =)

  4. Glad you made it there and back safely on one whirl-wind trip. It looked like you guys had lots of fun and made some great memories to tell! Now, just sleep it off!

  5. welcome back! couldn’t watch the video as it kept freezing on me, but you’ll be sticking up more photos, yeah? i have to see elvis walking you down the aisle!

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