Ten weeks til the Oscars…

I hope you’re seeing lots of movies over the holiday season… because the Third Annual Web-Goddess Oscar Contest will be starting up very soon! (Awards night is February 27, 2005.) Want to hear a secret about the prize this year? I don’t think it’s going to be a monkey. Christopher e-mailed me a while ago with his idea for a “Soctopus,” a brilliant idea whose time, I feel, has finally come. Stay tuned!


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  1. That would be awesome! I’ll need to persuade you to make me one maybe later for my niece 🙂

    I’m writing / drawing a story for her called, “Olli the Octopus and the Ten Tickles.”

  2. Ha!! Christopher will be happy to hear about this.

  3. I think Willy Wonka for best picture, actor, director and song. I am sure to win.

  4. Kris! What great news. I do wish, however, you would reconsider selling your wonderful creations. Sight unseen, I would be your first customer for a soctopus! (P.S. our two sock monkeys say “Hi!” from Arizona!)

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