Wedding Trip Photos

Wedding photos are now online!
At long last, I’ve managed to upload all the pictures from our trip back to the States in November. I even scanned in the official wedding shots from our big day in Vegas! You can also see us play in the snow, eat various deep-fried novelty items, and tour San Francisco in the freezing cold. Fun, huh?


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  1. great photos, kris! how many elvises worked at the chapel? like, on another day would you have gotten jumpsuit elvis?

  2. I’m not sure, to be honest. Our guy had only just moved out there from Kentucky a few weeks earlier. We checked out a lot of the various chapels’ Elvises before we left, though, and this place didn’t have any pictures of fat jumpsuit Elvis, so we figured we’d risk it.

    (And PS – Thanks for the Christmas card!)

  3. really cool photos! Ghirardelli’s one is making me really want to get up and go to ours! Oh! those New Year’s Resolutions!

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