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HUGE news from the Macworld Expo this morning: iWork ’05, iLife ’05, Mac mini, and iPod shuffle. Wow, looks like the rumors were all spot on! (All except the one that said the Australian iTunes Music Store would be opening. I’m bummed.) But sheesh, a $500 Mac! Snookums has already been ruminating on whether we should get one to replace our living room media PC.


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  1. The iPod Shuffle is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I want. *whimpers*

  2. Mmmm nice toys – i want one of everything!

  3. The only thing I saw recently that turned out to be a rumor was the “iHome” media center hub … although the hoaxer in this case didn’t do such a good job.
    Font geeks immediately spotted the fact the lowercase “i” had a square dot, while Apple’s signature font has a lowercase “i” with a circular dot.

  4. I think you’re right– the Mac mini has great potential as a “media” computer. Music and movies don’t need much processing power, so the G4 is plenty. And the design epitomizes “space-saving”.

    I’m a bit surprised that Steve and co. didn’t include S-video output (like on the laptops, or even component video) and digital audio out (like on the G5). Did they not see the potential, or is that an upcoming version, perhaps?

  5. Somebody on Slashdot was speculating that for the audio, they’re probably pushing you to get an Airport Express and stream the stuff to your speakers…

    The Snook has pointed out, quite rightly, that $800AU (which is what the Mac mini costs here) would be enough to update Monkey, our current media machine, into something seriously kickass. I still want one though. Monkey is in a huge tower case and the fan makes a LOT of noise. Something tiny and silent would be awesome.

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