Horse vomit

You learn something new every day. Horses can’t vomit. That’s slightly reassuring, given that the Snook and I are planning on riding some this weekend…


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  1. Yes, I heard that vomiting gives them a hoarse throat. Hehe… sorry I know that joke was neigh good 😉

  2. Unfortunately this is why horses sometimes get colic… and then the vet has to come out and stick a tube up their nose and do some yicky things… And this is why my horse runs in circles in his stall when he sees the vet…!

  3. Can’t wait to impress friends and strangers like with my intellegence and wit at being able to recite such trivia!

  4. We’re all about the trivia around here.

  5. Cats can’t take aspirin either. Erm… and there is something like if you lay a chicken on its side, down on a white line so its head is on it then it won’t get up.

    Bring on the funky trivia!!!

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