You know what’s rude?

You know what’s rude? The woman sitting next to me on the bus home tonight was eating sushi. She was eating sushi on the bus! And I know you pescaphiles (I just made that word up!) will argue that good sushi doesn’t have any smell, and you’re right. She wasn’t eating good sushi. She was eating nast, $2.00-take-away sushi and it stank. On such a muggy and oppressively gray day, it was all I could do not to barf from the smell. I actually got up and changed seats (which is, like, the height of confrontation for me). Ick.


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  1. I was on the T yesterday (Boston’s subway) and I swear I smelled roast beef. Too bad the train was pretty jammed or I would have switched seats myself. Bleh.

  2. That’s revolting. I cannot STAND the smell of fish in general, let alone in an enclosed space that is poorly ventilated. I think I would have just moved too, although it may have been accompanied by a great number of nasty looks from me.

  3. The last time I was there, it was against the rules & regs to consume food or drink on Sydney public transport. (Of course, that was a decade [or two] ago, so my info could just possibly be out of date.)

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