What a rip-off.

What a rip-off. After much finagling and secret-method-employing and American-accomplice-utilizing, I managed to secure an iTunes Music Store account only to discover that the aforementioned thirteen free songs… are from a crappy sampler album that you can’t actually change. Bah, humbug.

Oh, and my computer’s officially not okay. The video started messing up again and “resetting the NVRAM” (as the support guy online showed me the other night) isn’t doing anything. Snookums thinks it’s a hardware problem. Looks like I’ll be doing a full reinstall and calling AppleCare tomorrow!


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  1. Sucks. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, Kris. At least it’s still under warranty!

  2. sorry to say it but these days I wouldn’t expect anything less from mac :/

  3. Ack! No, shhh! Steve will hear you! 🙂

    (I’m not ready to swear off them forever just yet. I still think Apple make the best computers on the market today. I’m just a little annoyed with this latest OS update…)

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