Go Fug Yourself

Okay, I’ve been cracking myself up for the last half hour reading Go Fug Yourself, a hilariously bitchy look at celebrity fashion faux pas. And I’m going to have nightmares about Daniel Day-Lewis. (Link courtesy of fellow style maven John.)


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  1. Hi Kristine! I am Germaine writing from Raleigh, NC…
    A few days ago I emailed you a short note about your awesome Roald Dahl website, but yesterday this mail got bounced back. I’m going to try to re-send the note per your contact instructions, but I’ll also leave my email address with you…

  2. Wow. I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been referred to as a “style maven.”

  3. That was a truly enlightening experience for me…what are these celeb people thinking when they get dressed?? I mean, honestly…do they tell themselves that they look good in this crap. Case in point, Paula Abdul…whoa.

  4. Hi Germaine. Sorry about that. As you might have read elsewhere, I’ve had some computer difficulty this week. Also the Dahl site has dropped really, really low on my priority list, so don’t expect a long reply with any rapidity…

  5. Hey Web Goddess ,,, the Heather at “Go Fug Yourself” is a Notre Dame grad … I think her name is Heather Cox … I have emailed her a couple of times … I think she is about 25, 26 years old.

  6. No way! That would have put her there at the same time as me… What a small world.

  7. heather’s last name is not spelled that way. it is spelled the naughty way

  8. It is indeed. I graduated in 1999, too. Go Irish!

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