Playtime’s Over, Kiddies

Playtime’s over, kiddies. Sars lays down the law for everyone over the age of 25. Very good advice… Learn it, know it, live it.


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  1. Phew! Still a whole year until I have to grow up and play by the rules. *throws out watch and thank-you stationary and starts spending erratically* Weeeeeeeee!

  2. I appreciated this from Sars. I get very annoyed at people (25 and up) acting like they are still 16 and that party was over a LONG time ago. You know, it doesnt mean that you enter the world of DEPENDS and false teeth, but you do act and look like you respect yourself and others around you. I am interested in knowing…was the sushi-on-the-bus eater from yesterday over 25?

  3. That was a great essay. I realize that while I’ve got most of those down, I’m still lacking in the “Send a Thank You Card” area. I’m really bad at that. I still think I owe thank yous from wedding gifts we received two years ago. *winces*

  4. I could go on about #4 for HOURS. The more time I spend in and around The Public, the more I thank Jebus I work from home.

  5. What about #11. Don’t write silly rules about what people should do. 🙂 Go adopt a ferret or something else useful like that instead.

  6. I’m with ya brigita! My huubby and I have stopped being polite to others who insist on walking like a drunken sailor in public (of course they happen to BE a drunken sailor). I find a well placed elbow does wonders…..bwaa-ha-ha-ha….

  7. oh, but we don’t have to worry about #7 in Sydney, SO THERE!

  8. I didn’t even see the second page. Time to start practicing walking in heels…

  9. As I mentioned on brigita’s site, I don’t see how this advice suddenly applies at the magic age of 25… courtesy is courtesy. There will always be polite 16-year-olds (like the student who wished me a pleasant ‘good morning’ the other day) and boorish 45-year-olds (plenty of those in Vegas last weekend.)

  10. I can’t walk in heels, but I don’t, so that’s good. But basically, I took the piece as a sort of wake up call for those idiots who still play the “I’m too young to worry about all that grown-up crap from THE MAN” card. With certain things – like cars and mortgages and stuff – I think I’m probably one of them. I actually appreciate lists like this because I’ve always sorta felt like other people just magically *knew* how to be grownups, and I somehow missed out. I like having a list spelled out because at least I have some idea of what I need to work on to be a functioning member of society. (Needless to say, in my own case I’m talking more about the “know how to check your oil” kind of technical skills and less about the “don’t dawdle on the sidewalk” courtesy issues.)

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