Deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese

Oh my god. Deep-fried macaroni and cheese sounds like The. Best. Ooh, now I’m envisioning a whole dinner party of all deep-fried foods. You could have the mac-and-cheese as appetizer, turkey and waffle fries as the main, and Oreos and Mexican fried ice cream as dessert! And then die. (Link courtesy of my fellow white-trash diet devotee Max.)

Yes, I recognize the irony of posting about eating deep-fried junk food five minutes after urging everyone to follow the Rules for Grown-Ups.


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  1. Mmm, sounds heart-cloggingly orgasmic.

  2. That is So. Wrong. Americans will deep fry anything these days. It reminds me of that Ren & Stimpy clip… Billy the Beef Tallow Boy!

    “Hey hey Billy can you deep fry the Buick?” 😉

  3. Kris, if you ever make it to Alabama (or wherever I am when we finally meet in person–and we WILL meet in person one day, I know it), I am going to make you the best meal of nothing but deep-fried foods as a way of thanking you for your support of my awful culinary fascinations. Your Oreos await.

    Next time we fry the mac n’ cheese, we’re going to have a marinara dipping sauce of some sort. Can you imagine how great it will be?

  4. *drool* so bad and yet sooooooo good!

  5. if you like the sound of that, try entering the phrase “deep fried twinkie” into this search
    sick sick sick 🙂

  6. DUDE I am so in! We could have Fryfest ’05! Let’s get it together.

  7. Max – we will definitely meet up. The Snook and I have an oft discussed dream of taking a long motorhome trip across America, and he has a strange fascination with visiting the Deep South. I told him it would only happen if we got to have a Max and Beaky meet up along the way… 🙂

    And Amy, do you guys have a dedicated deep fryer? I feel like we’re going to need some sort of “Fry Daddy” thing to do this properly. And ooh, I forgot tempura! Beer batter tempura veg and prawns. *Homer Simpson drool noise*

  8. Can’t. Talk. Eating. And. Having. Heart Attack!

  9. Come to Texas some time!

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