Rob and Ambah forevah!

It’s stuntcasting to the extreme, but I am still so excited to see Rob and Ambah compete in the next Amazing Race. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that they end up way more on the Freddy-Kendra side of the niceness spectrum. (The spectrum, of course, that has Kris and Jon on the other side. Love them!) (Link courtesy of Kim.)


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  1. I’m actually really annoyed by this. I like to see “ordinary people” on Amazing Race, and since this season has already been mostly ruined for me by J&V, I was really looking forward to next season.
    Man, I can’t stand Rob and Ambah.

  2. But wouldn’t it be great if they had a meltdown? Right as Mark Burnett is planning their televised wedding, they have a giant relationship flameout on national television. I can just hear Rob yelling at her right now. (And in my head, it sounds a lot like that episode of The Real World where David broke up with his producer girlfriend and sobbed at her in the truck.)

  3. Her name is ‘Ambah’? Is that short for something or just a strange spelling of ‘Amber’?

  4. I don’t know if I can take any more meltdowns after having watched J&V all season. Seriously, they were starting to make my stomach hurt, which is NOT what I want from my “Amazing Race”.

    However, I don’t think Rob and Ambah (which is how Rob pronounces “Amber”) are quite as massively dysfunctional as those two. I just don’t like them and don’t want to have to look at/listen to them ever ever again…

  5. His nickname on Survivor was “Boston Rob,” Amy, which should tip you off about his accent. Very Southie. Cute too, or at least he was when he was all buff on the show. (Even with the sleazetache!) I wasn’t such a fan when he’d shaved and porked up for the reunion.

    Maybe I’d dislike them if I’d seen them more. Did they get really overexposed in the U.S.? Here I haven’t seen them since the Survivor finale…

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