As the Aussies knitters are well-aware, the poncho craze has finally landed on our shores. I’m so over it already. The poncho is officially this year’s Feathers scarf, mark my words. The only fun left to be had is in mocking the people who wear really daggy ones. Gadgetgirl has found an example of one of the rarest (and ugliest) breeds: the Man-cho. Good grief. Could that poor male model look any more like Derek Zoolander? Actually, thanks to me, he can. I should so make the Snook one of these and embroider “Blue Steel” on the front.


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  1. BWAAA-HA-HA!! Does that mean we can play ‘punch-o’ (ala ‘slug bug’) at the next craft show?

  2. Hahahha Man-cho is hilarious!!!! This image now implanted in my brain will make all the poncho wearing this winter bearable 😀

    p.s I still call it Grae Bros so Myers can suck on that.
    p.p.s my uncle thought the ad was saying “Christ Almighty” instead of “My store myers” :X

  3. Yes, there are a lot of daggy ponchos out there, but a lot of cute ones, too. I actually thought that Martha looked great in her poncho that Gadgetgirl linked.

    Uncloseted Martha fan since 1999.
    Poncho fan since 1977.

  4. Actually, without sounding too ass-kissy here, whenever I find myself dissing ponchos a little voice pipes up in the back of my head: “Except for the one in Tricia’s blog header, because it’s GORGEOUS.” So your exception is noted. 🙂

  5. Thanks. 🙂

    I just heard yesterday, by the way, that Martha’s was made for her by a fellow inmate. Hmm…

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