The Bay City Weasleys

Kevin’s got links to several high-res images from the upcoming Goblet of Fire movie. It looks great! I didn’t picture the maze as being that freakin’ enormous though. Fleur and Viktor look good, and Cedric (who I always sorta pictured like my brother Antny) is fine, I guess. I’m also gonna go on the record and say that I’m loving the Weasley family mullets. Hurray for the Bay City Weasleys!


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  1. Woo-hoo! Fleur and Cedric look perfect; I expected Krum to look shaggier/uglier but I suppose the close-shorn ‘do fits the ‘military academy’ bit.

  2. Yeah, I pictured Krum a bit less beefy, a bit less obviously an athlete, but it still works. I can picture that kid saying “Her-mee-oh-ninny.”

  3. Caught the Narnia trailer on TV last night. Looks well-cast, and it’s encouraging that WETA is doing the special effects, but many of the CGI characters seem to have that plastic/unrealistic feel. As with any fantasy film following LOTR, huge shoes to fill.

  4. The Snook and I watched the Narnia teaser on the computer last night, and we both agreed about the general crappy look of the CG. I’m guessing that it’ll improve though, as there’s still six months to go before it comes out…

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