The Urge to Purge

DietBlog: Despite the noises coming from my house last night, no, I have not moved into the “Phase 2 – Bulimia Yay!” segment of the Weight Watchers plan. Instead I was merely suffering through one of the nastiest cases of food poisoning I’ve ever encountered. It had been a good evening up to that point: I attended my meeting and registered a 600g weight loss (more on that in a minute); I went to the shops and rented a Pilates video; and I cooked us a yummy dinner of chicken burgers, wedges, and broccoli. I distinctly remember sitting here knitting and watching Iron Chef when my stomach gave a sudden lurch. It steadily got worse and worse and the nausea sent out waves of tension that moved up my neck to settle in the back of my skull. “I’m going to bed,” I said optimistically. Within half an hour I was throwing up my entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I spent the rest of the night alternately in the bathroom and moaning on the couch, periodically dry-heaving into a bucket. I didn’t sleep a wink until five a.m., when it finally subsided. I was half-tempted to weigh myself this morning to see what effect it actually had, but I figured there are some things I’m better off not knowing. If I’m going to go the “get sick, lose weight!” route, I’d much rather suffer through a nice low-grade case of mono than have another night like the last.

Oh, so now that the grossness is out of the way, yeah, I lost .6 of a kilogram. Though that’s my smallest loss to date, I was actually a little relieved given that I’d been rather indulgent over the weekend (the beers at Redoak, nibblies and banana cake at the felting workshop, etc). It’s good to know that I can have the occasional blowout and still stick to the program. (Hello, Chili’s!) I also got another gold star, mostly because I’m the only person who ever talks. Emily loves me.

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  1. CHILIS! We drove past it the other day and I said “Clinton, you need to set a date”. Don’t get discouraged by loosing less than a kilo, weight loss is better done slowly, as my Mother always says. She is a slow weight loss champion and has lost like 20 kilos in the past couple of years.
    But as for you, good on you! No more vomit, you poor dear.

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