Stitch and Bitch Scandal!

Stitch and Bitch Scandal! According to this MetaFilter post, the Chicago SnB (love that Purl logo!) was served with legal papers from Sew Fast/Sew Easy claiming that they have a registered trademark over the phrase “Stitch and Bitch.” What? The SnBers are predictably up in arms. There’s no way they could defend such a general phrase as a trademark. What idiots. As the convenor, I feel compelled to go on the record and state that the Tapestry Craft Stitch and Bitch firmly supports Chicago SnB, and that Sew Fast/Sew Easy are a bunch of uptight, no-fun cows who probably scrapbook in their spare time. Bitches!


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  1. So are all the Debbie Stoller books gonna be pulled from the shelves cuz they break copyright? get STUFFED!

  2. O Tempora! O Mores!
    You can’t even knitting without war

  3. Debbie Stoller claims invention to stitch and bitchs in her first book. I think SFSE could have a case because it is definitely on their website for a long time.

  4. Stoller’s books aside (which everybody knows didn’t invent the phrase anyway), there have been numerous anecdotes – all since deleted – on the SFSE site about Stitch and Bitch groups that existed way, way before the Internet. It’s hardly a novel concept, nor one that I think could be defended legally.

    And interestingly, trademarks only apply in the country in which they’re registered… Meaning I have half a mind to trademark “Stitch and Bitch Cafe” in Australia and blitz our own merchandising all over the web. And hey, I could probably license the Chicago SnB to print stuff too. Heh.

  5. I can’t believe what BS this is!! God ppl will try on anything these days!

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