Amazing Race Reaction

Wow. What an Amazing Race. (Look away, Andrew!) Finale reaction to follow.As I said over in the comments at TMFT, it was a pretty satisfying conclusion to the season. Hooray for Uchenna and Joyce! Yet even amidst our celebrations, the Snook and I were like, “CBS TOTALLY HELD THAT PLANE.” There’s just no way. I didn’t want to see Rob and Amber run away with it, but I don’t like seeing them screwed over either. They hustled their asses off for that flight. WHO ROLLS BACK THE JETWAY? Nobody. Yeah, the “pilot” okayed it. That’s only because Phil was in the Control Tower asking him to over the intercom. (Mmm, sexy Phil the air traffic controller!)

And besides, it was never going to be as thrilling as Chip and Kim’s victory because there weren’t any real villains (other than Ray) this season. Colin and Christie were worthy opponents who really, really deserved to win but THANK GOD THEY DIDN’T. I never got that worked up about Rob and Amber. I mostly just didn’t want them to win because they already had a million. (The Snook figures they might have donated it to charity.) If I hadn’t seen them before ever, I totally would’ve been rooting for them to take it out the whole time.

In conclusion, I can only say that I really, really hope they get rid of the whole “take your money away” non-elimination thing next season. Watching Joyce and Uchenne’s hopes fade as they had to beg cash was really difficult. It’s not fun or Amazing. Get rid of it, Phil!


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  1. The plane was just RIDICULOUS! This is supposed to be a race on their own, not with CBS helping them out. No normal person would ever EVER get a pilot to OK that and move back in to the bay.. sooo ridiculous..

  2. The begging thing made me feel queasy, too, Kris. As someone pointed out over at TMFT, watching Americans beg for money to win a contest in nations where people are not exactly rollin’ in dough is very off-putting to watch.

    Does the Snook really think that Romber would have donated the cash to charity? I’d love to have his optimistic view of humanity. 🙂

  3. The Aus are from Houston. Our local paper had this great interview with them today:

  4. That should say “The Agus are from Houston.” Sorry, I’m laying in bed with my laptop while I type.

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