Colourways Wrap II

Colourways Wrap IIColourways Wrap II
Man, I feel like it’s been ages since I had a Finished Object to report! This is a sample I designed and knit for the shop. We had an original “Colourways Wrap” from a few years ago, but this one uses slightly different yarns (and an extra ball) so the pattern needed to be rewritten. They’re all Anny Blatt yarns, which means this is one of the most expensive items I’ve ever knitted. All seven yarns are carried the full length of the wrap, which means I had to resort to putting the balls in sandwich bags to avoid creating the World’s Biggest Knot. But at last, it’s done! We’ve got the range of yarns in several different colors and we plan on selling them as a kit. So anyway, yeah, from tomorrow my first official pattern will go on sale in the shop! Pretty neat, huh?


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  1. it’s gorgeous, darling.

  2. Your Colourways II looks amazing, Kris! 🙂 It looks like it’d be a warmer wrap that the original too.

    Is it still all garter stitch, or is it the yarns that are making it look like something more complicated is going on?

  3. All garter stitch, just using lots of wools of various thicknesses: Laika (pretty thick wool), Pollux (thickish novelty with eyelash and funny squares), Vega (thickish slubby novelty with eyelash), Victoria (thin shiny ribbon), Angora (soft fuzzy rabbit), Muguet (thin crispy and shiny, like Christmas tinsel), and Mohair (thin and fuzzy).

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