Godawful stupidity

I could not agree more with Graham about the stupidity of the “Corby Martyrs’ Bridgade” (TM Graham), and I take back some of the good things I said about Australians’ attitudes towards Indonesians last January. One drug-smuggling conviction and the yobbos are back to hating them again. We didn’t even get anyone from the Red Shield Appeal at our door this year, but I’ve half a mind to call up the Red Cross and donate $100 with the express wish that it go directly to Indonesian causes. Harrumph.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with your more and sometimes you can feel like the only one who isn’t caught up in the hysteria. Now we have Aussie terrorists to add to the shame.

  2. You’re right, and it’s really embarrassing. What with this hysterical stuff towards Indonesia and the endless detention centre debacles, we’re looking seriously ass-end-of-the-world here, Aussies!

  3. I am ashamed of what is going on, and have personally blown up at some people i have overheard saying things like “We’ll see how far they get when they next have a tsunami.” Goddamn tossers. As if giving them money when they were in need means that we should get a get out of jail free card to use in the future!

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