The New Brando

What I wouldn’t give to see Obi-Wan singing “Luck Be a Lady”… *sigh*


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  1. that would be dreamy…rent “a life less ordinary” the movie is not that great, but he and cameron diaz have a scene where they sing “beyond the sea.” cameron doesn’t sing (someone is dubbed over her voice), but i think he does the singing for his part. he may have done some siging in “down with love” too, but i haven’t seen that movie in awhile.

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s him and Renee Zellweger singing the song that plays over the credits at the end. He’s dreamy in that too. (Except when he’s doing that stupid American astronaut accent, but I think that’s supposed to sound stupid.)

  3. Am so looking forward to seeing him in Guys & Dolls this THURSDAY! — bought tix about the minute they went on sale… will let you know if he’s as dreamy on stage!


  5. very belatedly am leaving my brief review of Guys & Dolls with Obi Wan & others…
    Overall was impressed & happy I went – -I thought Jane Krakowski was fantastic, as was the woman playing Sara, and the guy playing Nicely Nicely deserved a standing O on his own!(Sara & Nicely’s names — guess it helps to be a tv/movie star on stage!)… However, Ewan McGregor, while appealing & decent dancer, could’ve used a bit more power behind his voice. Especially when he had a duet with Sara — you could tell she had a much stronger voice. That said, I saw it relatively early in the run, so he could definitely improve with practice.
    The one thing that probably won’t change, unfortunately, were the comical OTT New York gangster-style accents… I don’t think they were meant to be comical, but they were certainly a distraction to these american ears… y’know — “I’ll moid-uh da bum” type… the best American accent was probably Sara’s, because she wasn’t trying to be a low-life-type, but rather the upstanding missionary– with well rounded vowels!
    So – 1 1/2 thumbs up (out of 2…)

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