Finished Objects

Finished Baby Objects!
Nat’s baby package is nearly ready to go out. On the left is the completed Baby Norgi sweater, which I finished up today. I pretty much followed the pattern exactly for once. The wool is Bambi by Grignasco, which is an extrafine 4-ply 100% Italian merino. (And it’s nicer than anything I’ve ever knit for myself!) My only reservation with this project is the fear that the baby’s head won’t fit through. Babies have big heads. I tried to make the neckline as loose as possible, but who knows. Nat and Staci might have to save this one for their next kid and hope for a smaller noggin. 🙂

The second item is a secret one that I finished a couple of weeks ago: the Sirdar Sleeping Bag. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? It even has little teddy bear ears! The cuteness of it almost makes up for the fact that Snowflake Chunky is the worst, most godawful thing in the world to knit. It’s as if someone took a nice terrycloth towel and cut it into a long, very fine strip. You can’t see any of your stitches amidst all that fleeciness, which kinda defeats the purpose of hand-knitting something in the first place. I mean, if you saw that in a shop, would you think it was hand-knitted? (Slight wonkiness aside?) Nope. So while it’s definitely a cute project, I don’t think it’s quite heirloom quality. At least I know that one will fit though.

Baby Norgi   Sleeping Bag

Now all I’ve got to do is give them a final wash to get all the cat hair off…


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  1. Very cute!

    Babies do have crazy big heads. I knit a hat for my cousin’s baby thinking it had to be big enough, but it was way too small. (To be nice they still stretched it over his head, but it was awefully tight).

  2. The finished products look awesome. I love the sleeping bag with ears! It’s going to be very cute on Ruth.

    Luckily, even though her older sister has a freakishly large head (well, over 80th percentile anyway), Ruth is much closer to average for noggin size. Hopefully it will be small enough for the sweater!

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