Jaded and disillusioned

Jaded and disillusioned
I feel like a little kid that’s found out DisneyWorld didn’t live up to the hype. For the past two weeks you haven’t been able to turn on a television in Sydney without hearing a manic guy screaming about the “MASSIVE LIQUIDATION SALE” going on at Fox Studios. “REPOSSESSED AND SEIZED GOODS! NAME BRANDS FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST! ADIDAS! VICTORIA’S SECRET! STAR WARS! LEVIS – $20! HARRY POTTER – 10 CENTS! MILLIONS OF BRAS! CDS AND DVDS! AHHHH!” Through sheer force of repetition I found it sinking into my brain. I started to get excited at the thought of all those bargains. “I could really use some new jeans,” I thought. “Ooh, and the Snook’s been after some new T-shirts.” I talked myself into it. So tonight I finally caved and headed out there with the Barkers. What a load of crap it turned out to be. It made the Shipshe Flea Market look like Bloomingdale’s. It was a big warehouse staffed by indifferent backpackers and dodgy looking types with walkie-talkies. We didn’t find any Star Wars stuff, nor any Levis. The “massive” discounts all seemed to have been taken off massively inflated recommended retail prices. I found myself grabbing things because they were “on sale,” only to realize that I wouldn’t buy them from Kmart for the same price. I ended up getting a a comforter (which the Aussies called a “quilt”), a quilt cover, a Harry Potter magnet, two crap CDs (Acker Bilk’s Reflections and The Very Best of the Allman Brothers, which I got because it will forever remind me of my roommater Eileen), and a packet of socks. SOCKS. I am officially old. I left feeling a little bit wiser and a lot more jaded. If you can’t believe in warehouse sales of Star Wars merchandise, what can you believe in?

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  1. yeah, you tell ’em!
    And then there were those pillows that Rob carried around the ENTIRE time we were there that ended up being TWICE the price they were marked at.

  2. Heh heh. Sucked! If I have to watch commercial TV, I turn off the sound when the ads come on. I’ll never know what I’ve missed.

  3. you didn’t miss anything MH

  4. speaking of harry potts, i have access to the pdf of the new book. jealous? interested?

  5. =O i want

  6. No way! For once I shall remain unspoiled… 🙂

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