Try not to yawn.

Try not to yawn. I lost that game within about thirty seconds.


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  1. I yawned before I even clicked on the link. How pathetic is that?

  2. I fought really hard, and managed not to yawn, but *man* it was tough! so bizarre!

  3. I remember learning about yawning in an Animal Behavior class at ND. Apparently, a yawn is a “releaser”, meaning that seeing someone yawn triggers an automatic behavioral response (yawning). Weird, huh?

  4. I seemed to fair quite well at this game… but I did just have a coffee so I could be disqualified… well back to work for me *yawn*

  5. i didn’t yawn at all… am i dead inside?

  6. Tara d., I didn’t yawn at all either. I think I was paying more attention to other details in the photos rather than on the yawn itself. Like, for example, I noticed her ring and her hair and how sometimes it looked more like she was laughing than yawning. hmmmm…maybe I was overly observant in this game???

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