Craft Show 2005

moblogged imageCraft Show 2005
Check it out – a yarn with my name!

Just got back from my annual visit to the Craft Fair, and I have to say it seemed a lot better this year. It was still 75% quilting booths but the quality of the knitting wools on offer was much higher. I still saw some $1.50 Feathers knockoffs, but overall there seemed to be a trend towards hand-dyed natural fibers. I went along with Miss Jane (from the TC Stitch and Bitch), who inspired me to go on a bit more of a spending spree than I’d planned. I started off small, by indulging my now yearly habit of picking up a couple balls of sock wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Then I stopped in to talk to Don from Prestige Fibres, just to say hi… and somehow I ended up with eight balls of Superbaby Alpaca. (He’s selling them for an incredible price, so if you want any, get your bum down there.) That will become the basis of the argyle cardy that’s gestating inside my brain. I also got a big ball of self-patterning “Online Super Socks” from Yarns Galore. Lastly I stopped by Stick to Your Knitting, where I was promptly recognized by the owner Janette. She honestly came up to me and went, “I know you! I read your blog!” (As if I didn’t have a big enough head anyway.) Turns out Mary-Helen gave her my link. I got a couple pairs of Addi Turbos there – At last! I will be the fastest knitter in the world! Mwa ha ha ha! – and a tiny belated birthday gift for Amy. Janette also set me up with an STYK bag so I can make my boss Albert’s head explode. Jane and I also stopped by the Knitter’s Guild Booth, where I ran into Pam North again (she does the Guild newsletter) and got to meet a few other ladies from the suburban groups. Lastly, I somehow decided to give sewing another try with a kit to make the COOLEST handbag ever. The fabric has pin-up girls on it! I hope I don’t bugger it up…


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  1. Hey,
    I went today, it was fun! I was asked to tell you by the knitters guild people (the secretary was there) that you will be contacted about updating the webby. We had a whole conversation about you, it was fun.
    I bought many, varied things. I need your advice actually. Have you ever felted? Is it hard? I have ideas.
    Ooh, I also saw Charrise (I think you’ll remeber her), she said to say hi

  2. I can’t believe this was on all week and i totally had no idea and missed it!! proof that I am spending too much time away form knitting mania! Dagnambit!

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