ParkerWatch 2005

HOLY CRAP. Guess who was just in our shop? Parker Posey. PARKER POSEY. She’s in town filming Superman, where she evidently plays the “female baddie.” And no, I didn’t even get to see her! The girls just told me she was in and I was like, “WHAT? YOU DIDN’T CALL ME?!” And then I started reciting all her lines from Dazed and Confused and now they think I’m weird. And get this: she’s only been in town a week and she’s already been in our shop TWICE. And since she put stuff on hold today, she’s evidently planning to come back! I am officially on ParkerWatch 2005.


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  1. dear lord, please keep your camera phone handy.

  2. Parker Posey? Man, if i lived in sydney i would be hanging aound the store, daring myself to sing a few lines from that bad country and western song she did with joey lauren adams in “sleep with me”.

  3. fry like bacon, you freshman bi%$#hes!

  4. Lucky duck, all I ever meet are politicians.

  5. Howie, you know how I’m an autograph FREAK… can you PLEASE get me a signed invoice or hold slip or SOMETHING?!?!?! I love Parker, and she’s HOT!!!!!!

  6. I’ll give it a shot, but apparently both times she’s come in she’s had her “minder” with her, so he’d probably tackle me if it appeared I was doing anything dodgy… 🙂

  7. her minder? tell her minder to do their job. where was he during Blade: Trinity? mind that!

  8. New reader here… but I just had to say that I am so jealous. I have such a hetrosexual-girl-crush on Parker! I can’t go past a Dairy Queen without thinking of her as Libby in Guffman.

    (I found your blog looking for Americans in Australia. I’m headed to Brisbane in September, and I’m not entirely convinced I’m not going to go crazy… especially considering the serious lack of Dr. Pepper in some areas down there.)

  9. Okay Tara D, now I’m not going to be able to get anywhere near her because I’m going to be LAUGHING MY ASS OFF.

  10. yeah, take that, posey! (i like her, just stick to mockumentaries! it’s her perfect role!)

  11. I still haven’t seen Parker, but one of the Superman costume designers was at the Knitting Guild meeting this morning and confessed that she’s the one who told Parker about our shop. Apparently Ms Posey has a mad tapestry habit. I’m like, “Yeah, and the ones she picked out were a little…. weird.” I guess she’s kooky like that. I can see it. I mean, I’ve said for months that if I were going to do one, it would be the topless centaurs embracing on Mars. (I’m not joking; we have that for sale.)

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