Real Wood iPod.

Real wood iPod. That is so cool! Reminds me of when Kramer put fake wood wallpaper up in his apartment.


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  1. That’s awesome. I’d love to do that to my iPod but, having no ‘handy’ ability at all, am too terrified I’d wreck it.

  2. I also saw one recently where the guy used clear packing tape to make some “flames” on the back, and then rubbed it back and forth with the rough side of a dish sponge to actually brush the steel. Then you take the sticker off. It looked pretty sweet…

  3. Here’s the link for the brushed steel iPod.

    If I still had my old one, I might try some modding… but alas, I gave it to gadgetgirl as a citizenship present last year! And the new one’s too shiny to wreck.

  4. That project is right up my alley! Tempting, but I suppose I should work through my backlog first (it includes the cat tower that’s been in the works for 2+ years.)

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