DietBlog: So yeah, I registered a gain this week. I’m actually, really, truly kinda glad about it though, you know? I mean, I deserved it. I had a wonderfully rich dinner at Rosalina’s on Thursday, pancakes and sausage followed by a mega-pig-out at the Food Show on Saturday, a massive portion of lamb tagine on Sunday, and an All-American Fat Fest on Monday. And here’s the thing: I’ve had a loss every single other week and I think I was starting to take it for granted. My cheating has been getting more and more egregious because I just don’t know where the boundaries lie, you know? But now I do. Now I have a better idea of how much I can indulge but still remain on the right track. It’s a good thing. Plus I had this constant fear of gaining and it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now I’ve faced my fear and gotten it out of the way, so I can quit obsessing and continue my progress towards goal.

That said, I got some major inspiration from the meeting tonight. First, I received a little star achievement pin for making it to thirteen meetings. (I guess most people peter out before then, but it’s still nice to get an award just for showin’ up!) Then I had a nice chat with Catherine, a naturopath who just started the program last week and who registered a two kilo loss tonight. That’s like four pounds! How awesome is that? See, this is exactly how Weight Watchers is working for me. I’m at the stage where normally I’d get bored and give up, but now I’ve got this support network of totally inspirational and amazing people. Catherine was so excited telling me about the changes she’d made – more exercise, watching portion size, tracking Points – that I started to get fired up too. I told her that my goal is to join her in weight loss again next week!

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  1. Good for you, Kris. You’re doing so well and it seems like your head is in the right place. I gained a couple of kgs during exams which really frustrated me at first, but I got over it and registered a good loss the next week. There will always be setbacks – you just gotta get back on track ASAP!

    *steps off cheerleading podium before it breaks*

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