Making Your Own Pizza

The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Making Your Own Pizza. How useful! My few attempts at homemade pizza have seriously sucked. (Link courtesy of not martha.)


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  1. I make homemade pizza all the time and I never do the ‘rise/punch down’ step. Ever. And mine turns out great. But maybe I’ll try it next time…

  2. Glad they got the olive oil right… in my mind that’s the biggest factor that differentiates great pizza from Domino’s.

  3. The Snook is annoyed by the guy’s dismissal of pizza stones, which he feels are essential (as long as you get them smoking hot first).

  4. I’ve had good luck with my old pizza stone once it got nice and seasoned, but then it broke…

    On the guy’s advice, I bought one of those pizza foil thingies and I have to admit it did work well (especially considering that it’s compared to using a cookie sheet).

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