Eleven and a half weeks…

After eleven-and-a-half weeks… I finally got a new computer! About damn time.


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  1. YAY! How is the new baby? Behaving well so far?

  2. yeah, you should send that lady at the fair trading commission a big basket of muffins!

  3. Yay! worth the wait.

  4. I don’t know about the wait, M-H. It’s a fantastic machine and I love the hardware to bits, but I’ve been seriously disillusioned by my Apple Australia experience. I was reading this AskMeFi thread yesterday and all the glowing reports of Apple service from the Americans was just making me seethe. Yes, if I lived in the States I probably would’ve had my machine fixed within a week, but because we’re out here and nobody gives a shit about the Australian market, I had to push and shove just to get the basic service that I already paid for with the premium AppleCare warranty. I have an e-mail thread of THIRTY messages between me and the AppleCare guy (mostly from me going “Can I PLEASE have my goddamn computer yet?”), and add to that a half dozen Apple Customer Care phone calls (each taking a good half hour since they put you on hold so long), along with filling out an Office of Fair Trading complaint and talking to that woman twice. I shouldn’t have had to do ANY of that.

    Yeah, I’m still slightly pissed off. She sure is a purty machine though… (And I’m slightly mollified by the fact that this is a better version than the one I bought, with more RAM, twice the hard drive space, and built-in Bluetooth and Airport. So that’s nice.)

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