Oh my God.

Oh my God. We just saw the news. The Snook and I were sitting in a bar when he noticed a reflection of a TV screen behind us and recognized the words “London” and “bomb” as they scrolled past. We recognized Tube stations that we had both been in dozens of times. It’s unbelievable. Londoners like to act blasé about the IRA threat, but something like this is just shattering. I remember how it felt on September 11, 2001 as we watched the World Trade Center fall from our kitchen in Hammersmith, getting reports of the City evacuating and wondering how safe we were. We’re sending e-mails and SMSes to friends over there right now. Any of you Londoners able to tell us what it’s like in the city?

This is a sad time. I hate to say it, but the possibility of something like this happening was part of the reason we left. As the Snook said on September 12, “If America goes to war, we’re going to Australia.” I’m really glad we did.

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  1. It’s a bit surreal here in Hammersmith I must say – because in this part of town everything looks normal… (except for everyone glued to tvs, computers, phones, etc.) And very hard to get accurate reports… just scary – keep thinking something else is going to happen, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  2. It’s pretty awful, some reports are already talking about 45 people dead already. Looks like a number of strategically placed attacks accross the capital, possibly involving a suicide bomber on one of the buses involved.

    BTW, you might want to alter the text of your 9/11 link, unless of course, you had a premonition 12 months earlier…

  3. Hi,

    Well I’m in covent garden, about 6mins walk from Tavistock square where the bus blew up. I know this as its on the walk to the supplier site. Its quite surrealy quiet round here too, even the police sirens have stopped in the last hr or so. Our buidling is quite deserted now as people get set to head home. I’ve got about an 80min walk to get back to brixton from here so not too bad. don’t have to rely on public transport then either. Earlier they sent round an email telling us not to leave the building, stay away from windows and toclose all blinds. To be honset its probably not as bad as it could have been. Though time will tell on that one when all the info comes through and the dust has settled.

    As for ex-ND’ers my sources say that Vani V, Alia C and Harvi D are all ok.

  4. “Watched the World Trade Center fall from our kitchen in Hammersmith”, must have been a clear day if you could see that far.

    Yeah not nice. Everyone I know is ok too (Mark Tyrrell/Alex Bull etc) so phew!

  5. Whoops. Thanks, Jann. (Like I said, we were in a bar.)

    I’m glad to hear everybody’s okay. Alex Woodroffe checked in to say he and Jo are all right too.

  6. Good to hear that everyone is ok and doing well. I do have the profound sympathy for the relatives and the victims, of yesterdays ghastly bombing, however I can’t help feeling that this would of been considered a ‘normal’ day in Baghdad.

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