Looking for a keyboard?

Forgot to mention: Any of you Sydney Apple users looking for a new keyboard and mouse? The new machine came with a brand new Apple keyboard and mouse, which means I’ve now got three sets. (I’ve got the wireless ones on my desk, while the Snook has my old black ApplePro keyboard on his now. “I think it makes my computer go faster!” he says. The assimilation has begun.) Anyway, I don’t need it and I’m not feeling charitable enough to return it to them. Anybody want to make me an offer? Interesting swaps considered! (Lets be honest; buy me a beer and it’s yours.)


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  1. How bout a roast pork dinner followed by Kareoke?

  2. Ooh, I think I’ve seen pictures of your roast pork dinner… Very tempting. 🙂

  3. Christmas lunch as an example of my roast pork :O)

  4. HA! That’s what I was talking about!

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