Batman Begins

We just finally saw Batman Begins and, much like Ebert, I thought it totally kicked ass. The only negative was the pair of FLAMING IDIOTS who brought toddlers to the show. Toddlers! I wish I were joking. The kids cried through the whole damn thing. As the Snook put it, “The whole plot was about a guy tramatized as a child, and now those dumbass parents just did the same thing to their kids.” Finally one of the other moviegoers yelled out to get the damn kids out of there, and the father actually had the nerve to look annoyed. That’s the kind of crap that makes me laugh whenever people mention my “biological clock.” I DON’T THINK SO.

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  1. I loved the movie, even with the kid snoring right behind me. At first I thought he was a middle aged man with the way he sounded. When I finally turned around, I realized he was about seven!

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