Freaky statistics

I’ve read a lot of arguments for and against abortion, but never have I read that there is a statistical link between Roe vs. Wade and a twenty-year drop in crime rates. Pretty mind-blowing, if you ask me…


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  1. It’s bullshit. Several statisticians have refuted this argument. I’m still pro-rights, though.

  2. I’m dubious, too–but I was intrigued enough to buy Freakonomics anyway.

  3. As I think was stated in the article, a statistical link does not necessarily equal causality. Interesting theory, all the same.

    While this particular theory might be upsetting to many, it could be an arguement for more preventative social programs. For some reason taxpayers are always happy to fight crime and finance prisons, but are often unwilling to pay for social programs to benefit young children and disadvantaged mothers.

  4. Did you just get it, Max, or have you already read it? I’m wondering if it’s interesting enough to get a copy here…

  5. I just got it…I think it will be the first post-Harry Potter 6 read, because I’m finishing up Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” (which is excellent) right now.

  6. Psych 101 (or in my case, 100): Correlation does not necessarily equal causation. I’d still be interested to read it, however like Max said, AFTER Harry Potter 6. I’m currently re-reading OotP for the 2000th time. So excited for Saturday!

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