I heart Gleebooks.

I heart Gleebooks.
How cute are they? The bookstore just sent out our final instructions for this Saturday:

Dear travellers on the Gleewarts Express, It is only three sleeps to go. We have some last minute instructions and
reminders. Please – please – set two alarms! If you are late, we cannot wait. We advise you to arrive somewhere between 5.20am and 5.30am at the latest. Eat a sensible breakfast before you embark on the train. Yes, we will have
plenty to eat – but you may need food you are more – ahem – familiar with.
For older witches and wizards, Thermoses of sustaining drink are advisable. Don’t forget to wear your ticket around your neck. You need your ticket to
board the train and you also need your ticket to get your very own copy of
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Please be in character. Costumes can be simple or sophisticated – but please wear one. Money: definitely not Muggle currency (but it doesn’t have to be fancy either) for making purchases from the trolley witches. The Gleebooks branch of Flourish and Blotts, however, will only accept Muggle currency for previous Harry Potter books, tapes and DVDs on the return journey from Hogsmeade. Wet weather gear is essential. Raincloaks, batbrellas and owloshes may be necessary. Dress warmly. Please bring your sunny moods on the day. When you have an entire village of magical folk, not everyone can be first. Grumpiness attracts Dementors.

Warmest regards, a slightly nervous Minerva McGonagall

“Grumpiness attracts Dementors.” I love that! It’s so fun how they’ve kept every little bit of communication in character. I can’t wait for Saturday!

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  1. Wow, they sound like they are going all out! I wish they were doing something like that over here. Take lots of photos!

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