DietBlog: Put your arms in the air, kids, because we’re officially on a rollercoaster! Yes, I’ve gone from gain to loss to gain. It’s cool; all that candy on Saturday may have been magical but it sure wasn’t Points-free. I can deal with a measly pound. I got renewed inspiration tonight from my friend Katie, who apparently found these posts inspirational enough to join WW herself. Kickass! That’s four people I’ve converted now. I stuck around afterwards to sit through the induction routine with her (since I never really had a thorough one myself), and it turns out I was totally doing a bunch of stuff wrong and never realized! (For example: I was banking my exercise points each day, when you’re actually not supposed to do that. Oops.) I’m a little bummed that Super Fun Leader Megan is leaving us for a semester because of a uni scheduling conflict, but I think the group is vibrant enough to sustain it. And get this – I may have a second job… working the cash box at the WW meetings! The girl who normally does it is leaving so the position is vacant. Nobody else seems to want to do it, so I told Megan I was thinking of volunteering. I apparently get my meetings for free, and I earn some nominal salary as well (like fifteen bucks or something). I kinda like the idea that I won’t be able to skip out on any meetings too. I’m supposed to go early next week to see what it’s like…


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  1. I think it’s $10. At least that’s what I get for being a “weigher” – you may get more for being a cashier. Personally, getting the meeting free is more than enough for me!

    Re: the exercise points. You can bank a certain number each week to use on food, but I’m not sure what the exact number is (I’m so bad with frequent exercise, it hasn’t been an issue for me for quite awhile!).

  2. See, they need a weigher too but I thought it would be too psychically traumatizing. I don’t want people associating me with whether they have a good week or a bad week. I figured selling Nibblies would be a happier experience.

    As for the exercise points, I believe you can bank up to 4 leftover daily points you have (up to a total of 12 per week), but exercise points are “bonus” points and should be used on the day you earn them. At least, that’s what Megan explained to me and Katie last night.

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