From a cramped lift.

moblogged imageFrom a cramped lift.
I’m stuck in a frickin’ elevator at our yoga building. As we speak. Is this a moblogging first?


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  1. Go the pic of Leanne!
    I do hope you two are okay.

  2. We escaped. Me, Leeanne, Raelee, and Rebecca were stuck in there for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. We got there at ten after five and followed one woman into the lift, and then just before the doors shut her friend ducked in. I was like, “Uh, I think there’s a five person limit…” but they were all like, “Oh, that’s for BUSINESSMEN, not little girls like us!” So the stupid thing went up to level 2 and then just stopped. We were all chatting so it was a minute or two before we noticed. So we pressed the alarm button and waited, and eventually we heard a very soft and tinny voice coming out of the ceiling and we were all like, “WE’RE STUCK IN THE LIFT!” Hilary the yoga instructor heard us and was talking to us through the door, so it’s not like we were between floors or anything. Fifteen minutes later we were still sitting there, so we pressed the damn button again. The same asshat guy answered and said, “I heard laughing, so I thought you were joking.” So he called us a mechanic… with an estimated arrival time of 20 minutes. (Note to the Americans: This wasn’t a big US style elevator. It was about four feet by four feet.) Eventually the fixer man showed up and got us moving up to the 4th floor, where we were able to take the stairs down to yoga. Hilary was kind enough to let us sit in on the last 20 minutes, which was nice and relaxing after such an annoying ordeal.

    And now I’m free!

  3. i’m jealous! for some reason, i’ve always wanted to get stuck in an elevator.

  4. Excuse me, you was in lift with two
    strangers and you are chatting?
    Never happen here, nobady talk in lift.

    And you was laughing in public place
    with strange people?
    Here if you even smile in public place,
    everybody knows that you are senseless
    (or child or drunk).
    And no, no smileys.

  5. glad to hear you made it out in one piece.

  6. eileen is officially nuts.

    that is insane! yeah, lifts! be careful, but that is a pretty dope blog entry… so, on second thought… more trappings.

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