Ethan is a Domer

Holy crap! I was just reading through the schedule of events for the Notre Dame Film, Television & Theater Department Reunion this year when a name suddenly leapt out at me: William Mapother! William Mapother went to my university! He’s the creepy Ethan guy from Lost who kidnapped Claire and nearly killed Charlie and kicked the crap out of Jack. Wow.


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  1. Isn’t he also Tom Cruise’s (aka Thomas Mapother) cousin or something?

  2. Yes, he is. They look a lot alike, except William’s super creepy.

  3. Because I’m totally compulsive, I IMDb’d Mapother and saw that he was in The Grudge, the screenplay of which was written by another ND grad, who I actually kinda remember seeing around campus.

  4. huh. wow. guess who was also at our celebrity rock ‘n bowl this year?! i am sending you the pic now!

  5. Hello, I was also at the Celebrity Rock n Bowl this year. What company did you represent?

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