ParkerWatch is OVER.

Damn. ParkerWatch 2005 is officially over, and I have lost. The fabulous Ms. Posey has managed to elude me. According to my sources, she showed up at the shop yesterday to collect her fugtastic tapestries… right about the time I was at home, up to my elbows in homemade chocolate birthday cake for the Snook.


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  1. Eeeek. I saw Charlie and the Chocolate factory today. Are you going to see it? I thought it was quite terrible, but maybe I’m too jaded already.

  2. I hated it.. it was HORRIBLE in my opinion.. Johnny Depp is way too creepy/mean to the children. I understand that it’s Tim Burton’s take on the story, but too much was changed for me.

  3. I’ll see it, but not for another month. The damn thing doesn’t come out in Australia til September.

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