ParkerWatch 2005

I was just happily working away on the website when the office phone rang. “I need you to COME UPSTAIRS NOW!” said Rae. I sprang to my feet. Usually this means that someone dodgy is in the store and the girls are worried we’re going to get robbed. I grabbed Albert and we sprinted up the stairs. I was halfway to the counter when I came to a screeching halt. There, coming to meet me with her hand extended and a smile on her face, was PARKER POSEY. That’s why they called me up! So I got to meet her and her handler Ray and they were both totally friendly and nice. We talked about donuts and tapestries and Mexican food and felting. The funny thing is, she looked so totally normal that I might not have recognized her on my own. (Except for her voice; I’d know her voice anywhere.) So just like that, ParkerWatch came to a successful conclusion. I just hope I have my mobile on me next time she pops in…


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  1. you lucky lucky girl!!!

  2. Come on, howie… get me an autograph!!!!!

  3. I’d feel like such a dork asking her for one… Hey, maybe she signed a credit card slip and I could get that for you!

  4. I know – that’s what I asked for initially! Just anything. Yes, I am a stalker….

  5. air raid! air raid!

  6. ::laughs:: that’s awesome!

  7. Kel – I couldn’t get the original since we need it for banking, but I was able to scan it for you… Check your gmail. Best I can do! 🙂

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