History of Ranch

This history of ranch dressing is missing a sentence or two:

In 1997, Chicago-native Kelly McMahon started a new trend and simultaneously nearly bankrupted the Chili’s franchise in South Bend, Indiana: She requested ranch dressing with her complimentary nacho chips. Friends who sampled this concoction realized it was so good that there was no need to actually order real food. The idea caught on like wildfire with the rest of the Notre Dame student body and continues to this day.

(Link courtesy of Max, who is also a Certifiable Ranch Fiend.)


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  1. Hahahahaha!! That’s awesome! Thanks for the shout. Now I want Chili’s tonight…

  2. I love ranch on my tortilla chips! I like to make a concoction that’s about 25% salsa and 75% ranch. DELICIOUS!

  3. I see a quest…we know where a Chili’s is in Sydney, but where oh where can we get Ranch Dressing? And NOT that Paul Newman crap, some GOOD Ranch.

  4. Don’t even get me started…..Kel, the time has finally come. They now know at Paco’s to put the ranch out when we get seated! I don’t even have to ask anymore. You’d be so proud!

  5. You’d think the Chili’s should have ranch, right? I mean, don’t they have pretty much the same menu items as in the US? Maybe we could call them…

  6. I don’t remember it being on the menu, but that doesn’t mean much…I forget things…

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