DietBlog: I know I shouldn’t base my whole emotional state on the outcome of my Weight Watchers meetings, but still whenever I see a “minus” written next to my name, it’s like I’ve just taken a swig of Felix Felicis. The sun is shining on me and I can do no wrong. I’ve bounced back from my tiny gain two weeks ago – I missed last week due to sickness – to register another kilo loss. This brings me down to eighty-seven kilos. People, this is as low as I ever got on the Atkins diet, and thus is the smallest I’ve been since college. That’s NUTS. My next mini-goal is eighty-five, for which I’ve promised myself a reward of a new pair of Crocs and some new pants (since all the pairs I own now are falling off my arse).


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  1. well done kris :}
    Looks like I’m coming back to the Glebe meeting next week – there are way too many people at the Newtown meeting.

  2. Aw, nice! Chris was feeling a little bad since the numbers are way down. I told her people just need to warm up to her style. She’s really different from Megan, but she’s growing on me a lot. See you then!

  3. a. congrats, you’re doing great – and you’re perf anyway… and b., CROCS ARE EVERYWHERE! i’d never seen them before my recent trip to the south. they are sweeping america! am i wrong to just think they’re the new jellies?

  4. Please, please, don’t buy Crocs-those are the fugliest things I’ve ever seen! My retinas burn every time I see someone wearing a pair. I hated jellies, back in the day, so maybe I just have it in for plasticy footwear. If you are an old person wearing curlers, a bathrobe, and shuffling through the aisles of WalMart, maybe, but on anyone else they are just wrong.

  5. pah! i have to disagree with eileen on the crocs. they may not be pretty in the conventional sense, but they are comfortable and functional. i don’t own a pair yet, but i’m planning on getting some for use pre and post workout, esp. biking.

    congrats kris on the all the healthy eating and excellent success. it’s very inspiring.

  6. Hooray for you! I’ve lost 10 lbs, myself, over the last two months. Slowly but surely! 🙂

  7. Sorry Reen, I already have a pair! I love fugly shoes. I bought them last April and I’ve practically worn them into the ground. If you stand all day long (like I sometimes do) they’re the most comfortable shoes EVER. They’re way more comfy than the special $200 orthopedic shoes I bought when I started at the shop last year, for only a quarter the cost. And I love them!

    And I must refute the “plasticy” claim. They’re not plasticy at all. It’s a special space-age resin from the future, and it’s soft like foam.

    I had no idea they were so popular in the U.S. They were just launching them here at the Easter show when I got mine. I only know two other people in Sydney that have them – my friend Fiona and a random customer that was in a shop a few weeks ago. So I’m trendsetter here! And my new pair shall be either red or hot pink. 🙂

  8. Attention all Crocs-haters: just try them on and see how great they are! Oh, how I love mine–and all the kids this year at school are wearing them, so they’re officially sanctioned by U.S. youth culture. You know, because that’s important.

    And congrats on the loss, Kris–that’s awesome!

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